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Providing top quality education for youth in Palestine  

GIVE HOME. 12/03/2019


Serving children in the name of Christ

     Hope Secondary School was founded in 1962 as a Christian School serving the Bethlehem area by providing biblically founded education.  Since then, Hope School has grown and expanded to include many facilities, activities and educational opportunities for children in need.


December 21, 2019

Christmas celebrations have begun! Santa Claus is in town! Today each elementary class shared beautiful dances, words, and songs that they've worked on all month.

You might be wondering, why are so many of the children dressed up as Old Saint Nicholas? Well, for Christians, St. Nicholas is referred to as the Father of our town, Beit Jala, because it is believ...

December 21, 2019

In celebration of Teacher's Day this past week, we want to say to all the teachers in Hope School as well as the whole of Palestine that we honor you. We honor your effort, time, wisdom, patience and care. We honor your love, strength, and perseverance as you play one of the greatest roles in raising our children grow to have hopes, dreams and opportuni...

December 7, 2019

Today at morning chapel we had the pleasure of having Young Life share an encouraging and challenging message as well as a live art performance of painting. The process of painting (finger painting to be exact!) was done upside down, resulting in us only recognizing it as a depiction of Jesus' face when it was flipped right side up at its completion. The one...

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