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Sponsor a Child in Need

"Blessed is the one who considers the poor!

In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him."

--Psalm 41

     All students at Hope School need a sponsor to meet the financial cost of their education. Sponsorship can be a way of supporting a student at school but it can also become a way of establishing a more personal relationship through letters and concern for the student's welfare. Your involvement is very important to them.                                      

 If you would like to sponsor one of our needy children, each year the annual cost includes the following:

  • School fees                                                        $ 800.00

  • Books and School supplies                         $ 200.00

  • Uniform                                                               $ 75.00

  • Boarding                                                           $ 1000.00  

Sponsors don't have to meet all these costs. Help towards any part is greatly appreciated by the school staff and students.

To sponsor a child, please contact the school by email: info@hopeschoolpal.com

or by phone (972) 2 274-2268

or fax: (972) 274-4332

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