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Hope School is planning to offer a three-fold program to enhance the school’s performance. This program addresses the basic needs of the children as they endeavor to build up their educational career.

Firstly: The Academic side of the program, which includes the school kindergarten. A new kindergarten class will be added each year, while this year’s kindergarten class will inaugurate first grade next year, second grade the year after, and so on, until Hope will have established a full K-12 curriculum. In addition to adding these classes, Hope is looking to enhance the academic tools and techniques available at the school.

Secondly: The Psycho-Social side will explore the social and psychological causes behind the poor academic results of some students. This program will work both within the school and as an outreach program through field visits to the children's houses and places of residency. The program will deal with the students and their parents as well and will make sure that the students' homes are comfortable places to study.

Thirdly: Economic empowerment, which examines the financial status of the students' families. Finances play a crucial role in the students' academic results, given that some parents encourage their children to work in the afternoon instead of giving them a chance to study. In order to address this problem, the school management team has designed an economic empowerment program targeting the students' parents and aiming at improving the families' incomes and standards of living through stimulating long-term, self-sustainable, income-generating projects.


The school will target around 5 of the poorest families each year and work with them on establishing one income-generating project per family that suits and is consistent with the family’s resources, especially their human resources. The project will be implemented through cooperative partnership with a dedicated organization that focuses on poverty alleviation programs. By alleviating the family’s financial burdens, the project will encourage the parents to let their children take pursue an academic career.

Hope School is also planning to introduce Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The TVET program will be applied over two phases; the first phase includes providing vocational and technical education within the school curriculum, while the second phase includes establishing a separate TVET unit at Hope School. Applying this dual system (academic and vocational) will make the school one of the first to arm students with two certificates: the academic certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education and the vocational certificate accredited by the Ministry of Labor. This program represents a turning point in the school’s development.

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