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Visit Hope School

Hope Secondary School has guest rooms avalible specifically for those who wish to come visit our school and stay with us in Beit Jala.  While staying here, you will be within walking distance of the town of Bethlehem, where Christ was born.  You will be able to see the ancient city itself, and visit all of the historical holy sites nearby.  Beit Jala is only a short bus ride from the holiest city on earth, Jerusalem.  By taking bus 231 back and forth from the ancient Damascus gate in Jerusalem, you will have easy access to the ancient holy sites that define the Holy Land.


Our guest rental rooms are positoned directly next to the boarding section of our school, giving you the oppourtunity to interact with our Christian and Moslem students who live together in harmony at our school.  Also interact with our volunteer workers who have come to Hope School with a vision of helping the children of the West Bank.  Experience a taste of life in Beit Jala by coming for a visit at Hope Secondary School! 


 These rooms can be rented nightly as long as there is one avalible, and breakfast is included with the room rental.  High-speed internet access is also provided.  


Price including breakfast:  

Room Single  19 USD / night 

Room Double 28 USD/ night

You can come to Hope School via bus from the bus station at the Damascus Gate, in Jerusalem.  Bus 231 drives directly to Bethlehem via Beit Jala, and stops at the street outside the school.  The cost of this bus is about 7NIS to get to the school, and buses run all day from morning until mid evening, every ten or fifteen minutes.

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