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Rida, grade 7

At first, I was doubtful about coming to the boarding section at Hope school and I expressed my rejection through shouting on my father. I remember the first day when we were in the car driving to the school, I was thinking all the way from Hebron to Bethlehem- how would it be to live away from my family? How come I don’t see my younger brothers and sisters? It is my first experience to live away from my family. It took me one month to understand what is going on, and then all my fears disappeared, everything became very smooth. I live now with my peers peacefully, and I have been awarded a certificate of the good student for my good performance academically and behaviorally. 


Nicole, grade 11

Before I came to the school, I heard a lot of good things about it and now I see and feel it. It was easy to integrate and find new friends and the staff is dealing with the students in good manners and can understand their problems. Our teachers are very good indeed.

Saleem Nassar, grade 8

Hope school is better than my previous school over various aspects, especially on education. It takes care of the weak students and strives to develop them and improve their academic results. The school environment is very nice and my class mates are very good and they love each other. I am very lucky that I moved to Hope school. I think it was a necessary step.

Adam, grade 9

I am very happy to be at Hope school for many reasons: Firstly, there are rules, and there is discipline. Teachers are taking care of all the students and they are focusing on improving the student’s academic results and behavior correction. The school principal is very cooperative and good listener to everyone. Finally, the social worker hears our needs and mostly solves our problems.

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