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Secondary School


At Hope School, we offer a general curriculum for Grades 7-10. This includes Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Computer Science, English, Arabic, Christian and Muslim Studies, and Physical Education.

Once students reach Grade 10, they are able to choose a Literature- or Science-based curriculum*. They remain in this curriculum through Grade 12, which features the government standardized final exams (tawjihi).


As a part of our Three Fold Program, we now provide special classes dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities to receive proper education.  Many of these students have come to Hope School as a result of being unable to fit in at any of the other schools in our area, and our school is the only place of education that provides the resources they need to complete secondary school.

Despite the difficult backgrounds of some of our students, many of them pass the standardized government exams with very high grades. Classes have graduated every year despite regional unrest.

*Due to lack of capacity and funding, we are unable to offer the science stream. In this case, every year a few students switch schools in grade 11 if they wish to do the science stream.


Located on the lower floor of the main Hope School building, the Little Angel is home to the Kindergartners, ages 3-5. Started only 4 years ago (2015), this was the beginning of our endeavor to offer education for students from K-12. We are doing this as a direct response to the need in our own communities: many low income families and those facing other family-related challenges that are looking for a school they can afford and ensure for their children from the beginning to the end. 

In 2019, we have implemented kindergarten, and grades 1, 2 and 3. Each year we have and continue to add another grade, in hopes that our students will be able to complete their K-12 education at Hope School. 


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