Latest Updates

The Hope School Football Pitch

Our new football field next to the school is finished! We celebrated the completion of the project on September 26th with a ribbon cutting ceremony and opening football game between local school teams and clubs. We have been looking forward to the completion of this project with anticipation, and we are excited that it is finished. This football field will provide a safe and fun environment in which the students can play sports and games, and in the evening it will be a rentable space for clubs and groups who want to play football. Proceeds from the rent will be used for further projects. Click here to see photos of the building process!


It is our pleasure to announce that our school kindergarten, "The Little Angel," has just opened its doors for the first time! We welcome seventeen youngsters who will establish a new grade each year they are with us, until we have classes from kindergarten to sixth grade. These classes will combine with our current secondary school to make Hope a full K-12 facility. It is not hard to believe that our dream has come true and that the school is progressing by God's grace. He said, "Ask and you will be given, knock and the doors will be opened." Thank you, God. Many thanks to all those who pray for and support Hope School. We make true life.

The Power of the Sun

We are pleased to announce the completion of our solar energy farm on the roof of our school building. Now running full time, the solar farm provides 100% of the electricity needed to operate the school, and will pay for itself by eliminating the need to pay a bill to an electric company. This system is effective, modern, and reliable, and we are thankful to God for providing this new way to power our ministry.

Moving the Dormitories

We are beginning work on moving the dormitories of the boarding school students out of the main school to the building that was once the director's house. It is our hope that doing this will give the students more privacy and help them to feel like they have a home here, instead of living and going to school inside the same building. We want the boarding students to feel like they are coming from their home to school and returning to it when school has ended. We believe this will have a positive impact on the attitude of the students who live on Hope School's premises. With the boarding section moved outside the main school building, we will also have several more rooms available in the main