Latest Updates

Presents of Beauty and Warmth

We recently received these gorgeous, hand-made quilts from Grass Valley United Methodist Church. Our boarders will be grateful to have such gifts of beauty and warmth as they endure the cold winter at Hope School. See pictures of all the quilts here.

Celebrating Christmas at Hope School

We welcomed the conclusion of the semester with two Christmas parties. First, the kindergarteners put on a special show for their families. They sang songs, introduced themselves, and wished the audience a Merry Christmas, all in English and Arabic! They also received a visit from Santa Claus, who came with gifts! On the final day of testing for most of our high school students, we hosted a ceremony for the entire faculty and student body. Principal Dr. Jihan made a speech encouraging the students to have a better second semester than their first. Reverend Joseph Shaheen also gave a brief message. The girls choir performed several Christmas songs, and students read the Gospel story of the bi