Latest Updates

Christmas at Hope school

In a very cheerful atmosphere, the children of Hope school celebrated the Christmas event of Jesus Christ birth in two separate ceremonies; the kids of the kindergarten expressed their happiness in a very joyful performances in the presence of their parents on the 20th of December, while the adults celebrated the event on the 22nd, of December. The choir of the Baptist church in Bethlehem participated in the celebration and performed the Christmas hymns. Our cook Aida was one of the choir member who participated in the performance.

Hope School Boarding Section

Based on the decision of the Board Of Directors, Hope school is raising fund to move up the boarding section to the new building where they can find some privacy and calmness. Given that their current place of residency inside the school building has had side effects; the school staff and management team noticed that despite of all the good circumstances provided, the boarders do not perform well academically. Moving the boarders to the new building will provide the needed privacy for the children. The new place is located within the school premises, 300 m from the school building. The children will be able to leave their dormitory in the morning and return back in the afternoon. They will b