Latest Updates

Pilgrims of Ibillin

Last October a group of friends visited our school. We were very happy to welcome them and make presentation about our ministry among vulnerable children. A visit to our school shows the kind of services we offer to help these children "Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble the LORD delivers him" psalm 41:1

Start up workshop: Simon's Olive wood Workshop

In March, 2019, "Simon's Workshop" will start operating and producing olive wood handcrafts in addition to printing on ceramic plates and cups. Our boarder; Simon, will be main actor at the workshop. We are planning to make the workshop as a core for a future vocational training center for those who are not performing well academically. Simon child who came to Hope school four years ago, as a destitute child, became one of Hope school's family. He is very talented, clever and intellectual youngster. During his stay at the Hope school, he showed high readiness for commitment, responsibility and obedience. His life has been changed entirely. Please pray for Simon.

Epiphany Day in the Holy Land

"And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”Mathew 3:17 On the both banks of the river, Christians from everywhere gathered to participated in the sudden revelation Epiphany of the Lord; We spent very exciting hours; praying, taking photos, talking to the people who came from all over the world; with different nationalities but one identity:"Christianity". They came to the place where Jesus Christ was Baptized; they revived the voice of the heaven: This is my Son, whom i love; with Him i well pleased". Old and young men and women, youth and children where Baptizing in the same place which witnessed the baptize of Jesus Christ; they came to ensure

Snow covers Beit Jala

Hope school's boarders welcomed the snow weather, joyfully, they waked up on a white layer covering everywhere; the school yard, the soccer field, the nearby street and over everywhere they can see. Since the very morning, the school director announced that the school is off today. He asked the students and the staff not come to school and keep up safe. The snow on the roads were impeding any movement, however later on the there was normal traffic movement. The school boarders were very happy to welcome the school director with some bunches of snow. Snow is very distinctive and cheerful atmosphere. It was difficult for the cook to come in the morning, after three ours she arrived, her husban

Visiting Hope School

Headed by Bishop Jim Nunn, a group of the UMC has visited our school; they were welcomed by the school director who expressed his gratitude for the visitors and made a brief presentation about the school; its goal, mission and the target group, He confirmed that Hope school is alive and continues to convey its mission despite of all the challenges the school face amid a very deteriorated economic and political situations. However "God is blessing our ministry" as he quoted " we can feel His grace, He helps us" He extended his gratitude to all those who regards the poor and work to help them. The visit included a short tour in the school premises; the school classes, boarders dormitory, laund

Hope School participates in Christmas Bazaar of Church of the Reedemer

On December 1st, 2018, Hope School participated in the Lutheran annual event "the Christmas Bazaar of the Church of the Redeemer" in Jerusalem. Many local organizations and producers from Jerusalem and the surrounding area were invited to participate in such great event which included exhibition of many hand-made and local products and souvenirs; olive-wood handcrafts, traditional food, embroidery, art on ceramic, wax, and other souvenir products. Our table was covered with many olive-wood and embroidery products which met partially the demand of the visitors. The old-venue was overcrowded with hundreds of visitors came from different places to join the event and do some shopping.