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A Message to Pilgrims of the Holy Land

You are invited to visit Hope School on your pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Our school is located four kilometers away from the Nativity Church in Bethlehem, where one can walk around and imagine what life was like in the days that Jesus himself walked here. Hope School is a Christian-based organization that takes care of needy and destitute children. At our school you can feel the grace, love and Spirit of God working among children. We provide faith-based education and a second chance to children who have struggled in previous schools. Each day begins with a chapel service, and all students are encouraged to live by the values of honesty, kindness, and faithfulness. What began as a secondary

First Day @ School kindergarten

New schooling year at Hope school where children enjoyed the newly rehabilitated kindergarten. The walls were tiled and the kinder became more comfortable. thanks for those who provide an education opportunity for our children.