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My Life at Hope School

Yvonne is a retired teacher from California who has graciously given much of her time and love to the children at Hope School over the years. She has worked as a English teacher for months at a time when we needed one, and has been an important advocate for the work of our school and for the students at Hope School. Following her last visit, September 2019, she has written this letter to share her experiences and reflections on the school. Thank-you, Yvonne, for this letter. My life at Hope School - by Yvonne The first time I lived at Hope School was in 2008. I had gone on a Holy Land trip and was visiting Hope School when the principal mentioned he needed an English teacher. That sounded ver

Brave students sharing their creativity

It's still early in the morning, but the grade 7-12 students at Hope School students are all ears as they listen intently to two students, one after another, share speeches they've prepared for this morning's chapel. It is their second time sharing speeches this year. As someone who doesn't yet understand Arabic, I am taking in their body language and the confidence and passion with which they speak, on topics undoubtedly relevant to their lives. They may be nervous, but I can see that speaking up about things they care about is overcoming this fear, making their nervousness almost unnoticeable to the audience. At the beginning of the year, the school discussed about the importance of giving

School Vehicle - Fulling an important need

For a long time, we had had the hope of being able to buy a vehicle for the school. One that would be able to drive children home if needed, that would assist us with selling more eggs (especially to grocery stores) and would allow us to drive our boarders to various activities and events in the evenings. In January 2019, we finally purchased one! It has provided for us in every way we hoped for and more. We are blessed to have this vehicle, and hope to continue to steward it well. Thank-you for your continued prayers and support- we thank God for the ways He continues to provide for our needs.