Latest Updates

The Little Angel is Growing

We recently posted this announcement for the local community. It is a registration for children who would like to join our kindergarten, The Little Angel. We are accepting ages 3-7 and will have a pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade program. As this year was the first year for the Little Angel, next year will see the opening of a first grade class at Hope School! In this we are continuing toward our goal of becoming a K-12 school, taking in more students and expanding our reach to the community. We are very excited about this process and look forward to meeting more youngsters who will have the chance receive an education entirely under the tutelage of Hope School's teachers.

Second Visit from the UMC

Reverend Kenny McGill was supposed to be at a meeting for the Global Ministries Committee of his congregation in Mississippi. Instead, he contacted them live from Hope School in Palestine, telling them how he was impressed by what the school is doing in the Holy Land in spite of the difficulties it faces, and encouraging them to help the school meet its current needs. This was just one of many special moments we at the school experienced last Wednesday and Thursday with visits from members of the United Methodist Church in North Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Texas, and everywhere in between. We toured them around the school and told them what we have accomplished, what we hope to accomplis

Visit from the UMC

We had special guests this weekend: secretaries to the bishops in the United Methodist Church! Every year the secretaries from Methodist Churches all over the world come together for work training. This year, the location for the training was Palestine and Israel. While learning new techniques and computer programs for their office work, they also were looking to do some service work, and we were given the privilege of hosting them! Along with meeting with teachers, students, and kindergarteners, they put in some hard work helping us clean up around the school. We were very grateful for their assistance, their company, and the interest they took in Hope School. We hope to see them again! Cli