Second Visit from the UMC

Reverend Kenny McGill was supposed to be at a meeting for the Global Ministries Committee of his congregation in Mississippi. Instead, he contacted them live from Hope School in Palestine, telling them how he was impressed by what the school is doing in the Holy Land in spite of the difficulties it faces, and encouraging them to help the school meet its current needs.

This was just one of many special moments we at the school experienced last Wednesday and Thursday with visits from members of the United Methodist Church in North Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Texas, and everywhere in between. We toured them around the school and told them what we have accomplished, what we hope to accomplish, and what we need help with. They in turn provided us with school supplies and donations and did some shopping at our store. We finished the day the best way we know how: with a large meal and fellowship around the dining table. Here are some photos from the visit.

Combined with the visit of UMC secretaries last Saturday, we have been more than happy to play host to some wonderful groups this week. Working with them and sharing our story with them has been a real blessing.

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