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Possible Scam Targeting Friends of Hope School

Dear Faithful Friends of Hope School; “Casting all your anxieties on him, because He cares for you” Recently, we have noticed there is one or multiple persons sending fake emails to our sponsors attempting to have money sent to them in the name of Hope School. Please do not accept any request from anybody to change the destination of donations made for the school. Our address for donations is clearly published on our website: https://www.hopesschoolbeitjala.com/donations Please be aware of the wording of the fake emails which has similar username and some changes in the email address. It seems that the Perpetrators are from India and Africa. We are very disappointed that our ministry has

Peace Education at Hope School

Last September, Hope School, represented by; two of its management team, was invited to attend and participate in the WRAP summit which took place in Seoul – South Korea on the 15th, of September 2017. The three day conference has its great impact on the participants from Hope school, who insisted to share the values in their local community. Mr. Saba came up with the idea of finding Peace Education Forum in Palestine to enhance peace values and mitigate violence in schools and local community. The plan is to start with focus groups in Hope school targeting teachers and students of certain ages and then extending the idea to other schools and non-government organizations in the nearby locati