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Graduation Ceremony

“I am very grateful to my parents, my teachers and our school principal who drove us to this moment. No one can express our feelings in this eminent day, we waited 13 years until we reached this moment, I am very proud that we did it” said Daniel Michael who delivered the speech of the graduates. Five of the kindergarten’s graduates delivered a thank you speech: “ it is indeed a great pleasure to stand before you, to share all the precious moments that we have had last year in our Kindergarten” “ Do you know?? we have learned letters, and how to read and write. We have learned Arabic, English, math, songs, and how to be self-confidents” “I would like to thank our teachers, parents who have s

End of Year Exams

The school year almost came to its end at Hope school. Students has improved their academic results. The fruits can be noticed in their daily and monthly performance. As a second chance school, we are very proud to deal with vulnerable children who did not have the chance to grow up in a healthy circumstances. coming to Hope school, means seeking a new opportunity, we try our best to provide a healthy and proper circumstances to help children perform well academically. Addressing the social and economic aspects of our students is a key factor in helping them academically. Creating self confidence is a precondition to help our children rebuild their academic career. ndition to build our chil

Starting up third grade class at Hope School

Due to a pre-set plan, aiming at enhancing the school capacity and widening the target group, Hope school is adding a new class every year up to reach the school full capacity. Since 2016 the school started its own kindergarten "The Little Angel" for pre-school children, in 2017 the school established grade one and in 2018 established grade two. This year the school will host the graduates of grade two in a newly established class grade three which will be inaugurated in September 2019. We pray for God to help us fulfilling this task. Please hold our children and school in your prayers