Graduation Ceremony

“I am very grateful to my parents, my teachers and our school principal who drove us to this moment. No one can express our feelings in this eminent day, we waited 13 years until we reached this moment, I am very proud that we did it” said Daniel Michael who delivered the speech of the graduates. Five of the kindergarten’s graduates delivered a thank you speech: “ it is indeed a great pleasure to stand before you, to share all the precious moments that we have had last year in our Kindergarten” “ Do you know?? we have learned letters, and how to read and write. We have learned Arabic, English, math, songs, and how to be self-confidents” “I would like to thank our teachers, parents who have supported us”. These dear words have come out of our children’s tongues and hearts with great love and passion.

Many thanks to all our friends who make the dream of our children come true

The ceremony was inaugurated by a speech for the bible read by one of the graduates. The scout’s group has led the graduates towards the stage in a very impressive march and amid the cheery audience. Marah; a student of 9th, grade, presented a poem of her own, a local folklore dancing group made a nice show, the children of the kindergarten performed some entertaining shows which pleased the audience.

Finally, the mayor of Beit Jala along with the school principal and the head of Ministry of Education’s Department rewarded our supporters and distinguished guests, while awarded the certificates and gifts for all the graduates.


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