Latest Updates

Happy Birthday to Michelle and Cayla

Today, two of Holy Land Teen Mission group celebrated their birthday at the school. It was very exciting and occasion for both of them. The school Principal made a surprise for both of them when he prepared a cake with their photos on the surface and invite the group to a humble celebration, where everybody gathered around the table in the kitchen and started to sing: Happy Birthday to Michelle and Cayla... Mike the group leader filmed the occasion. Everybody was happy after a long exhausting day to working in the school.

Reshaping the school garden

Today... Holy Land group were very active and productive... they did a new part of the school garden... fill it with concrete and cement... the garden is almost reshaped and redecorated...

Working like a Beehive...

The enthusiastic youngsters with their leader Mike, continue to do their tasks properly ... how lovely they are!!! They are working like a Beehive, everyone knows what and where and how to do his/her work. Michelle is taking care of the group's food, she never leaves the kitchen, she has her assistants who prepare the food for the group. To follow up the updates of Teen Mission please click on the below link: https://www.facebook.com/khader.saba1968

Teen Mission at Hope School

On July 2nd, 2019 a group of 29 lovely youngsters and their leaders from Teen Mission, arrived at Hope school after a long exhausting travel from different states in USA. They came from different parts of the USA to camp for a month at Hope school premises, where they plan to camp, work, pray meditate and work out the annual pre-planned project at the school. Their project this year is to redecorate and re-designate the garden surrounding the school cafeteria which will ultimately make it more comfortable and attractive to the school children during their school daily break. Upon their arrival at 1:30 am, the school principal was waiting for them, a small welcoming sign was lifted and hanged