Teen Mission at Hope School

On July 2nd, 2019 a group of 29 lovely youngsters and their leaders from Teen Mission, arrived at Hope school after a long exhausting travel from different states in USA. They came from different parts of the USA to camp for a month at Hope school premises, where they plan to camp, work, pray meditate and work out the annual pre-planned project at the school. Their project this year is to redecorate and re-designate the garden surrounding the school cafeteria which will ultimately make it more comfortable and attractive to the school children during their school daily break.

Upon their arrival at 1:30 am, the school principal was waiting for them, a small welcoming sign was lifted and hanged on the main entrance of the school in addition to another banner which shows the picture of the whole group.

The youngsters are very adorable and enthusiastic in doing their tasks. Their leaders; Michelle and Mike are the watching eye who takes care of the group, Michelle is doing the cooking work at the

school kitchen, while Mike is taking care of the youngsters and oversee the work at the garden and at various school premises.

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