Laundry Room Annex

Aimed at enhancing school capacity and sustainability, Hope School's Board has hired workers to complete an expansion of the laundry facilities. This improvement will enable the school to start its new Kindergarten next September.

Funded by Embrace the Middle East, a new laundry building is considered a top priority at the moment that will benefit the school's future and the boys in the boarding section.

The old laundry section occupies three rooms on the ground floor and thus prevents or hinders the school from adding new students or educational enrichment activities like a science lab or a dedicated art room or a Kindergarten.

The project was kick-started by the Teen Mission group, who camped at the school last summer and diligently laid the foundation and erected the cinderblock walls and steel frame. It is expected to be operational by the end of March 2015.

Earlier post:

Last Summer, lovely US youngsters from Teen Missions visited the school and stayed for about three weeks carrying up their annual mission at Hope school. They did a great job starting a small-scale infrastructure project: "Laundry Section." Their work was very professional: they built-up the the walls and founded the essential work for a large project to be continued later on.

Hope School's management team with the help of Embrace the Middle East was able to continue the work that has been started. The work at the project almost finished. The project is at its final stage and is expected to be completed by the end of March. The project has great impact and represents a critical milestone in the school's progress; it will enable the management team to start a new project which will enhance the school capacity by finding the school Kindergarten " Little Angel." Thank you Teen Missions and thank you Embrace the Middle East.

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