Graduation: Francis' Story

The Hope School Board of Directors would like to congratulate our headmistress Dr. Jihan, the staff, and the students who passed the government exam for their brilliant results. The success rate of the students was 100%, which is evaluated as a remarkable progression in the school’s academic success over the past five years.

We specifically would like to congratulate graduate Francis Meadi who got a general average of 91%. The story of Francis is evidence of a job well done by our staff. Francis came to Hope School two years ago. His general average in the main subjects was in the sixtieth percentile, "D." Within two years, Francis improved thoroughly, and he was able to adapt himself and comply swiftly within the school rules and bylaws. We are very proud of his result and we are thrilled to congratulate him, his parents, and the school for such a great success.

Fancis expressed his gratitude to the school staff and headmistress Dr. Jihan Emaya who was able within two years to move the school forward and to make notable progress in the academic sphere.

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