This is the way we make peace:

The opening of our football pitch was a great success; Community members, donors, and local leaders joined our students and faculty for a ribbon cutting ceremony and the inaugural football match on the field, played between Talitha Kumi and the Orthodox Club youth team.

Here are some of the remarks from our General Director:

This is the way we build peace…

Our beloved children at Hope school… Our staff… Dear Mayor of Beit Jala, Mr. Axel, Director of Bergisch-Gladbach Association, representatives of Beit Jala organizations… Distinguished guests:

I am very proud to stand this day in front of you to express my dearest gratitude to all those who have made this day very special… to all those who supported this project and made our dreams come true…

This project is the fruit of our twin relation… It is the fruit of cooperation among nations… it is the fruit of international efforts to make peace in the land of peace.

Ladies and gentlemen… This project and other similar activities are exactly the right way to make peace and promote friendly attitudes among our children… it is the way … to sow love instead of hate… to create tolerance instead of discrimination… it is the route to help our children and youth both males and females to find the constructive alternatives in building their future.

No one word can express the feeling of our children especially the athletes who were eager to practice on such a proper field. Over the past three days, more than 40 children have come on a daily basis to train on this field; some of them came with their parents who expressed their joy and gratitude for such a great achievement, which represents an urgent need of our youngsters.

Finally, I would like to affirm my gratitude to all those who participated actively in supporting and constructing this project:

  1. Beit Jala Municipality.

  2. Palestinian Football Federation

  3. Beit Jala-Bergisch Gladbach Assocaition

  4. Mr. Nicola Khamis

  5. Jena Municipality

Khader Saba

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