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Student Testimonies

This is a page where you can hear from our students talking about their experience at Hope School in their own words. We are proud of these students, and we gladly give them this platform to express themselves.

Tia: My school means a lot to me, as it is the reason for my success in everything, and I also love my teachers and I am grateful to them for this distinguished education. Hope School is unique among the schools in the area, as it is a school that works hard to achieve its goals and Mr. Khader Abu Abarra loves its improvement.

It is completely different from when people say Hope School is a slacker school, but really when students study here they know how strong the school is and that it enjoys graduating a class of successful students with averages that they can be proud. The school deserves to hold its head high and its name should be extolled.

I am grateful to all because when I was studying at a girls school, I was not like I am now--among the first in my class. I didn’t care about my studies, but now I really like it because the teachers and our principal, Dr. Jihan Amia, care very much about the students’ situations, and if one has a weakness, they look to help them improve.

In short, the school to me is a big part of my life and I want to thank Mr. Khader and Dr. Jihan and all of the teachers for providing this quality education, for treating us well, and for caring so much about us. They are a second family to me.

Thank you, my school, for this wonderful education. I love you all.

Khalid: Hope School to me is a terrific school for its students because we have a good education, better than the surrounding schools because of class size; there are fewer students, so we know each other and get along well. And its best feature is its teachers.

Since I arrived at the school four years ago, I have learned much about the technical aspects of the Arabic language, reading, grammar, and poetry. I thank Hope School and its directors because I have received a quality education and a better future.

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