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Chilean Palestino Deportivo Club Visits Hope school

In a gesture of international solidarity, 40 members of Club Deportivo Palestino traveled from Chile to Hope School for a visit and a little bit of futbol. The club faced off against players from Hope School and the Beit Jala Orthodox Club in a friendly match. A humble ceremony took place before the match to welcome the group. The ceremony was attended by Beit Jala Mayor Mr. Nicola Khamis, the Board of Directors, and key persons of the local community.

The club players and coaches were not the only ones to make the trip, however. Twenty-five high school students from The Arabic School in Santiago, Chile also graced us with their presence. Our students were pleased to spend time with them, exchanging stories and language lessons. The Chileans had a lot of fun meeting the kindergarteners at the Little Angel as well. There also was a student vs. student friendly match with other students and members of Club Deportivo looking on.

Afterwards, we were pleased to receive gifts from our visitors: footballs and some club jerseys!

Mr. Jorge Sabagha, the head delegate and club chairperson, described the journey to Palestine as “a dream,” while Mr. Khamis urged the guests to continue cooperation with Hope School and other local organizations. Mr. Abu Amsha, the board chairperson, thanked the guests for their gesture to come and play and meet with Hope School’s students.

The trip was arranged by the Deportivo Club in coordination with the Palestinian Football Federation. The club played a friendly match against the Palestinian National Team.

This was an incredible experience for everyone involved, and we at Hope School hope this relationship with the Palestinos will last for years to come.

You can find pictures of the visit and the friendly matches by clicking here.

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