A Busy Weekend

From Thursday to Saturday, much was happening at Hope School. First, on Thursday our students participated with young leaders from the YWCA in Beit Jala who gave a workshop centered around marriage in Palestinian society. They performed skits and arranged group activities asking them to share their thoughts and feelings about getting married early, its benefits and drawbacks, and what comprises the ideal marriage.

Friday we hosted students, staff, and volunteers from the Lifegate school in Beit Jala for some friendly soccer competition. Our boarders and students who live close to the school faced off against the visitors, and the match was both competitive and entertaining!

Finally, on Saturday we were visited by Reverend Nicola Jones, who has been a friend of the school for many years. She brought a group of women with her who were visiting the school for the first time. They brought many gifts for the students including soccer balls, basketball jerseys, science experiment kits, and winter hats. It was very encouraging to meet them, and their support and friendship is something we will continue to value highly.

All of this kept us on our toes and provided some welcome rejuvenation for the school, and we will utilize this positive energy as we push toward Easter Break!

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