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Soccer Tournament

This Saturday was a big day for Bethlehem-area high schools. Five schools faced off at Hope School in a round robin football/soccer tournament. Along with our team, teams included the Beit Jala Catholic School, our neighbors at the Talitha Kumi Lutheran school, the Beit Jala American school, and Mar Efram. It was special to be able to bring all of these schools together for some friendly, but intense, competition. Congratulations the champions, the Catholic School! These were the final results:

1. Catholic School

2. Talitha Kumi

3. Hope School

4. Mar Efram

5. American School

Events like this achieve for us the goals we were striving for when we built the pitch. In providing athletic opportunities to the community, we are presenting opportunities to develop community in general. In this case, it is the community of students from Beit Jala, Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, and beyond. In the evenings we see this play out when clubs and groups rent the pitch. We are pleased to say the pitch has become a community center of sorts, and we hope it continues to be so in the future.

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