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Global Challenge Volunteers

Hope School's staff grew by 15 people this week! With students gone for Easter break, we welcomed a group of South Africans from the organization Global Challenge to do some volunteering at Hope School. The Global Challenge group is spending a year of service and evangelism abroad, spending about three weeks in one country before moving on to the next. After working at the Coptic church in Bethlehem for the beginning of their stay in Palestine, they spent their final six days at Hope School.

We were so pleased by their spirit and work ethic as they sorted through the storage areas, weeded, and cleaned around the school, assisting our staff and doing far more than we could on our own. As an expression of our gratitude for their work, we held a barbecue on their last night so that we could eat together and enjoy each other's company. We send with them our thoughts and prayers for the rest of their travels. They are a group that we will never forget!

Pictures from the group's visit can be seen here.

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