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1st Grade Classroom

Support a classroom, Build a future.

All students deserve to have the tools they need to learn. Together, we make that possible.

Next September, we are providing the opportunity for our kindergarten students and other local students to begin their elementary education at Hope School.

WE ARE OPENING A 1ST GRADE! and we invite you to be part of it. Whether you’re passionate about Math, Science, Languages, Art, Music, or Gym, there are plenty of ways to help out a classroom in need so it can effectively reach all of these subjects.

What do desks, chairs, a blackboard, lockers and visual aids have in common? They’re all needed in classrooms everywhere, along with a number of other supplies. Discover how you can help by exploring the needs below. And remember, every donation you make to Hope School is blessed by the Lord.

  • A Chair: $ 21

  • A Desk: $ 50

  • A White board: $ 60

  • Library corner: $ 70

  • Drawers: $ 110

  • Lockers: $ 125

  • Coat hangers: $ 28

  • Visual aids: $ 190

By contributing to one or more of the items listed above you will play an important part in educating children and transforming the lives of vulnerable youth, and helping bring small dreams to life.

To donate, please use one of the following methods:

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept checks directly. If you have a problem with the above payment methods or have any other questions, please contact us at info@hopeschoolpal.com.

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