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A Story Worth Sharing

Hope School recently received a message from a friend who visited our school long ago, and with her permission, we wish to share her story with you. Not only does this capture work that we are privileged to accomplish, it also encouraged and inspired us to remember why we do what we do, and that we must have faith that God is ahead, behind, and beside us through it all.

“A few years ago I traveled to Bethlehem.... When we were visiting the Church of the Nativity, I saw a boy selling gum in the streets with an older man encouraging him to do so. The boy appeared to be embarrassed and ashamed to do this. This upset me very much, and I must admit, I judged the two rather harshly, especially the man. Later that night, someone from your school spoke with our group. They told us about a boy whose father was not around and whose mother was so ill, that the boy was no longer coming to school and was selling gum on the street. I must admit, I was convicted by this. The school told us that the boy had just stopped coming to school and no one knew why. He was a good student. You told us that the school investigated and found out that he was being a good son and trying to support himself and his mother by selling gum. My heart was broken again over the love and responsibility of this child. It made me rethink the child and man I saw earlier in the day. You also told us that you found a way to help the family and have the child continue to attend school. Such dedication and love. I have never forgotten this lesson.”

It is moments and stories like these- of humility and sometimes difficult realizations- that we all share, and which often inspire us to action and to compassion. May we all continue to be open to moments such as these in our own lives.

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