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Graduation Day, May 29th, 2021

It was an amazing day, full of joy; fifteen youngsters were on the stage living their unique moments. They waited twelve years in which they worked hard to jump up to the stage. Jumping the stage means jumping to a new life as Elisa said. “I was dreaming of this moment, and it has come, I want to enjoy every single moment” she added. The parents, relatives and local community came to share their children the event; Mariam’s father said: “I want to thank the school, the teachers and the administration from my heart, because it provided my daughter the opportunity to make my daughter’s dreams come true.”

The mayor of Beit Jala, Mr. Nicola Khamis attended the ceremony; He was extremely happy to participate in awarding the students as he expressed; Hope school is a special school, it occupies a special place in my heart because it takes care of vulnerable children” he quoted.

In his speech, Pastor Joseph Hodaly of the Orthodox church, praised the remarkable improvements at Hope School in the last couple of years. Mrs. Joan Alty; Rep. of the MCC in Jerusalem expressed in her email “I really enjoyed seeing the Scouts, Dabka dancing, but most of all, seeing the families around their graduate and showing their pride in their youngster’s accomplishment. That is what makes a graduation the magic that it is.”

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