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In-person Learning

Due to Covid19, our school was locked down since March 6th, 2020, where we transferred to E-learning tools to continue the second semester of the school year 2019-2020. However, since the start of the new year, (2020-2021) in September, the school adopted the in-person learning (facial learning) for many reasons; the lack of the needed devices, our children were using the devices of their parents which were not available all the time, the fact that deprived many of our children from following up their education adequately and regularly. Further, the Ministry of Education canceled the results of the second semester which was fully depend on e-learning and considered only the results of the first Semester, given that the e-learning proved to be inefficient mean to evaluate the academic performance of the children.

We pray may God keep protecting our children and staff.

Our main problem is that our children cannot afford the school fees, our donations has been dropped down and our staff did not get their full salaries since April 2020. Please pray with us may God keep our children and staff safe and well, May He, put an end to this fatal pandemic and get the situation back to normal life.


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